Thursday, January 15, 2009

heR miSeraBLe dAy vs My LucKieSt dAy (*_ * )

gosshhh!!!i dunno why it takes time for me to write sumthing even for a single line...huuuuno idea at all...( mybe sbb x mndi ag kot..2 yg slow sket otak saye..huuu)

haaa..juz wanna share sumthing wif u guys ..dat is my day!! is my luckiest day!! i dun have to pay for da fine dat costs me RM 276...makkk mati guek nk kene byar byk tuh..dh le kene byr duit buku2 ag..alhamdulillah...huuhu ..tqvm mkcik library..baiknye hati mkcik..smoga murah rejeki mkcik today i laugh a lot and back to normal as yesterday i was in my ' silent- mode' mood.i didn't speak much wif ma housmates jz sbb runsingkn mende neh..sorry lalinks..( well, they r used to it whenever i was in my silent mode, then there must be sumthing wrong happend to me..hee..dis is me..)
tau happened bcoz of ma own stupid mistake for not being alert when i returned da books borrowed from da library..i guess so..entah la maybe sbb kalut ari tuh.tu yg xperasan samade dh kene scan ke blom wonder why i felt like wanna check my library card wif da system yesterday..mother instinct, enough of me..
here comes da story abt my rum8..sab..when i am in joy..she is in her sadis mood..contra nye..pity her as her knee still doesn't get better after a month of her sengsara..huhuhu..tetibe die bgun tido n nangis2.. she cried and cried..but make no worries..when her adwa made a special delivery of kuey tiaw ( though at first she ordered 2 bungkus nasik..makk..selera apekah itu???hehehe)..then here she is laughing and laughing..perut dh kenyang la katekan..sab2..but seriously, can u imagine of having knees yg kechik sbelah n bengkak sab..gud luck la ek 4 ur visit to HUKM esok..lame tuh nk tnggu...heeeeeok lah..enough for today...assalamualaikum....